There was TripAdvisor, now there is FashionAdvisor ©.

A brand new concept that will show you what fashion is really all about.
What you should wear, what’s in, trends from fashion magazines, and nail polish colours…

And let’s start with a bang!
Xmas is just around the corner, but sometimes it takes time to find the perfect outfit. And I’ve got it!

InStyle magazine says in their July edition:”You can do BEJEWELLED. Designers have gone delightfully dotty for big, bold embellishment. Sprinkled with crystals or encrusted all over, these pieces are guaranteed attention-getters.
Why we love it:
1-More resplendent than it is flashy (sequins play only a minor role), this trend makes you feel like a million dollars.
2- There is no need to save the drama for eveningwear; a jewelled sweatshirt works wonderfully with jeans by day.
3- If you are weary of going OTT, glamorous extras will provide a hit of sparkle and amp up even the most casual ensemble.”

They said it, not me!


Classy, is it not?


This a unique piece, a collectors item that you won’t regret buying (if you manage to hang around a Chinese stall somewhere…).

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