Dag Deals of the week

Junk mail just disappeared from my letterbox (and my neighbours) last year, so I’m glad to say it’s back on! By popular demand…
And let’s have a double whammy!

First, the impending release of “Batman versus Superman”. Which is not much to go by according to the critics…Although, you will spend less money to go to the movies to watch it then buy a doll…
My money is on a safe choice: Barbie! And in new sizes… with new hair… for all of us girls who are not blond (but secretly dream of being one) or rangas (yes, some of us dream of this too!). Lucky I have wigs in all these colors, so I don’t feel too pressured about getting a new Barbie!

Deal of the week: it can only be the killer combo of the Playboy body spray and the rings for the guys. Just love the words hard-wearing and ruggedly good looking…Does it apply to the rings or the guys?

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