In the Dagforever kitchen.

Because my life is not busy enough, I set myself challenges, especially in the kitchen.
I try to emulate all these fabulous cooking programmes where everything is cooked to perfection, where food presentation is synonymous with life or death and where you fight to stay in the contest that will change your life for ever! For ever!
So, this is it:
Undeveined prawns, with bits of shell left on it for the crunchiness.
Overcooked chorizo, with the skin still on it.
Unwashed spinach leaves, for true grit.
Oversalted salsa verde, because who doesn’t love salt? And of course, unwashed mint, coriander and basil, with the occasional slug in it.
Half rotten yellow grape tomatoes, for that umami flavour.
Fetta out of a packet.
Well, I ate it, gave it 10 out of 10 and I’m still in the contest to win the title of Queen Dagforever!
But to unwrap this was the hardest challenge!

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