Monday Lifelines

I know you’ve missed her! Kaz Cooke and her fabulous advice, from “The little book of household madness”. I’ve got to say, I laugh aloud when I read this stuff!

Re-upholster your furniture using old underpants which have lost their gussets.
Note: If you have lost the extraneous pieces of old underpants and mysteriously retained the gussets, sew them together and use to strain yogurt.

Make your own deodorant by spreading a thick paste of bicarbonate of soda, Vaseline, cornflour and hairspray on your armpits. To avoid staining clothes, cover with an old Explorer sock and keep in place with electrician’s tape.

Just as you can put those stickytape things over your nose to rip off a layer of skin and blackheads, you can wrap your entire body in gaffer tape and then rip it off, screaming.

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