Green Thumb Dag

One thing I can’t do is gardening.
My idea of gardening is to plant something every 5 years in my front garden and hope it will grow. With no water. In full sun.
Over the years, friends have given me plants. They died…The plants that is, not the friends. Although they could have committed hara kiri just looking at the results (the friends). I have killed hardy plants with too much water or a zero interest. And I refuse to “talk” to flowers or trees. Add to this my lack of affection for pets, I’m that close to be a sociopath…
BUT! I love taking pictures of flowers, trees and nature in general. I do appreciate looking at a lovely garden.
So I have decided to start a new theme for my blog, Green Thumb Dag. There will be lots of photos of gorgeous flowers, parks, trees and everything chlorophyllic.
And I may even document a revival of my front garden, just to impress overseas visitors this year!

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